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What our cu​​stome​rs are saying​...

          "I procured the services of Pete Lohman and 360EXCAVATING over a twelve month period to perform multiple jobs at our property including; 1) Demo of an existing manufactured home, 2) Additional clearing, debris cleanup/removal & 3) consultation related to complex county requirements that created multiple issues related to excavation & site prep.

          In each of those jobs, Pete was transparent & set very clear expectations up-front.  He was very responsive and adapted to my needs re: communication preferences (i.e. email vs phone).  The quality of the work was terrific; with all work completed on time (and in most cases, ahead of schedule).  Pete also helped coordinate with other vendors pro-actively, which provide me with peace of mind & additional time to focus elsewhere.

          I highly recommend Pete for your excavation & site prep need.  I have no doubt he will exceed your expectations.  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me personally."

John Nixon 425-238-3302 or [email protected]






Mission Statement

Our mission is to consistently provide exceptional services to our clients. With our experience, reputation, and passion, you can expect us to help you identify the questions that are necessary for you to get the answers that are essential, to achieve the goals and objectives of the excavation project you have in mind.

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