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Taking into account the environmental impact of any work, and finding ways to minimize collateral damage is an ethical responsibility of all those involved in construction trades.

Grading the site involves preparing the surface to be built upon. This could mean mixing or layering substances into the soil for added stability or drainage, as well as shaping, leveling, and compacting the soil to better support the foundation of the structures to come.

Clearing plants and debris is another critical aspect of site preparation that a good excavator will be well versed in. Whether it’s previous structures, or natural materials such as plants, stones, or excess soil; if it’s not beneficial to the grading of the site, it must be removed and disposed of properly.

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Before a foundation or other type of permenant cement structure can be poured the site must be prepared with proper grading, layering, and compaction. Improper drainage, erosion, and earth shifting are just some of the problems that are avoided by properly preparing a construction site before building.
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